About Karakas Roofing

Since 1972 I have been working in Sacramento as a roofer. In the past there were maybe three or four good sized roofing manufacturers and about as many roofing supply companies. As a roofing contractor familiar with those manufacturers and suppliers we have seen many changes. Being aware of all those changes has meant that we have done something right in not becoming swayed by the next new thing that came along. We have done what would be considered what most people do in a long term business, and that is to strive to do the best possible work with the best possible roofing materials available. Over time we have seen different products that haven't lived up to the claims they made. Our name and reputation depend on what we recommend to the customer and keeping our reputation from being dragged down with products that don't do what they say they will do is one of our highest priorities. It's really not the contractors fault when he uses a product that fails, but the customer is depending on our good judgement to make those decsions for them. I can say that we have avoided alot of bad press and even though everyone said something was good, it didn't turn out to be so.
In looking back I have tried to be straight forward and let the customers know that we were there for them and we did what we said we would do. And to this day that is the philosophy we bring to try and honestly produce a good roof job.