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We have been approved to offer our customers financing. This has been a key piece to our business enabling those of us who may not have a clear path to getting the bad roof on our homes replaced within our means. There are several loan options that will fit most situations and to be honest I could probably try to explain them all to you but would not be able to answer alot of questions or give you everything you needed to know to make a good decision.

Gutter Screens

In the past gutter screens have been a very limited market with few options to pick from. Over the last ten years many types and designs have come and gone with a still crowded market as the demand has risen. I have used the least expensive with a lot to be desired, as well as the top of the line products with a hefty price tag. I look at the products in two catagories. One is the type that is a covering with a solid sheet that has a curved edge to draw the water down into a slot and into the gutter.

Closure for the Roof

The way things get done in a track home setting is as if every little accessory to your roof is brought to it's cheapest form. The reason I say this is that in my earlier years working in track home construction, I saw first hand the things being used and as a roofing contractor doing mostly reroofing I can see the result of those products used and the evidence is clear. Alot of things and technics didn't work or were soon failing and causing hundreds if not thousands of dollars in water damage. One thing in my mind is the ridge covering put on a tile roof before you install the ridge.

No Moss

Winter is a time to enjoy the serene and still moments when mother nature is keeping everything on hold for the soon awakening of spring and the bursting of buds and blooms after the long slumber. But now is the time to make the application of most preventative measures to head off the unwanted growth of many types of fungi and mold spores, grasses and mosses. The thing about moss is that it tends to grow in shady areas. On the roof it will generally stay on the north side of the roof. We have cleaned moss with the stiff sweeping by broom but this is only a temporary measure.

Roof Leak Woes

  The fact is you have a wet spot on the ceiling. Your carpet is wet, the wall is wet and paint and drywall are showing the affects of water. The water will pass through these areas and as long as you control where it collects, either on the floor or in the ceiling. Iit won't matter if you have one gallon of water that has run through or fifteen gallons, the result is the same, in most cases.

What I Know About Dry-Rot and Mold

When you look at the result of dry-rot on wood you see that the wood has lost it's hardness and will literally allow you to put your finger through it depending on the stage it is in. Dry-rot has discoloration  like mold but it appears less powdery and less blackened. Mold is more of a slimy black area with a blooming spore type appearance. These are again my own obsevations and in no way a difinative explanation as to these two fungi.

Tile Roof Leaks

Reaching the end of September tells me that the rainy season is fast approaching and soon there will be roofs leaking and the phone calls will start to come. I can't say that I don't  look forward to this because it creates business. But the fact is that probably 90 percent of those roof leaks will be from tile roofs. And for the most part those roof leaks could have been prevented. Some of the things that you tile roof owners should be aware of is that your roof is vulnerable to the obstacles and elements of the envirement.

Squirrels and the Damage They Cause

 It may be well known that squirrels are a playful and cute animal that we all have at some point been entertained by or at least caught off guard by their scampering about and darting in and out of traffic or just out in the yard or park. I didn't really think of them in a distructive way, just the normal cute and fuzzy kind of fun loving way. Well how different I now see them and what a eye opener I've experienced is what I would like to alert you to for the sake of your property and sanity.

Roof Coatings and Repair Work

The fact that some roofs are getting into disrepair is a concern for many folks who are not looking forward to this winter and the rains that will soon be upon us. This is the case with many commercial and office buildings and many other industrial complexes where re-roofing right at this point is not an option. A good solution and a way to not throw good money after bad, which would be to throw money into repairing a roof that is completely contrary to what future roof replacement would involve, is to do what's necessary in the areas that are a problem and wait to do the rest later.