Closure for the Roof

The way things get done in a track home setting is as if every little accessory to your roof is brought to it's cheapest form. The reason I say this is that in my earlier years working in track home construction, I saw first hand the things being used and as a roofing contractor doing mostly reroofing I can see the result of those products used and the evidence is clear. Alot of things and technics didn't work or were soon failing and causing hundreds if not thousands of dollars in water damage. One thing in my mind is the ridge covering put on a tile roof before you install the ridge. This particular roof type commomly known as S type and M type tiles are the ones that are wavy and have humps and troughs. When covering these tiles at the ridge line on straight and hip ridges, they have a gap that will allow wind driven rain water to penetrate the primary roof (the tiles) and go down to the felt paper, the back up roof. The use of flash ban or a 12" wide stretchy sticky peel and stick material will work for awhile but tends to come up off the trough surface and allows the rain to get in. The other method is just plain felt paper which is not flexible and will shrink and crack open after sun exposure over a short period. The way that we have found that makes the most effective way to keep the rain off the felt and thus providing the felt a longer life expectancy is ridge closures. Solite, the company that used to make such a product, has created a strip designed to cover the gaps and fit perfectly to the M and S type tiles. The roofs that try to duplicate the old style, which you can still see on older tile roofs, use morter. This is somewhat messy and extremely labor intensive. There is a product available at this website: and is readily available in this area as well through ABC Supply in Roseville.