We have been approved to offer our customers financing. This has been a key piece to our business enabling those of us who may not have a clear path to getting the bad roof on our homes replaced within our means. There are several loan options that will fit most situations and to be honest I could probably try to explain them all to you but would not be able to answer alot of questions or give you everything you needed to know to make a good decision. So, what we are able to do is to give you a competitive estimate for your roofing job, and then have the finance professionals clearly explain your options over the phone. At that point you then can give them your information and within five to ten minutes you will have an answer as to your approval or not. These are loans that are secured and unsecured with varying interest rates that will be long term as well as short term with some that are no interest and no payment up to 18 months. Like I say the specifics are the professionals job to explain to you and they will make everything clear in documents that are emailed to you and signed electronically by you. This is obviously a convenient way for you to accomplish a loan process that has the office come to you without a lot of time and hassle. This program was offered to our business by Owens Corning Corporation who has teamed up with Service Finance Company to give homeowners the opportunity to get approval (over 80%) on an unsecured loan, even with shaky credit. So if you're not sure as to what to do in the process of getting a good roof over your head then nows the time to check it out.