Gutter Screens

In the past gutter screens have been a very limited market with few options to pick from. Over the last ten years many types and designs have come and gone with a still crowded market as the demand has risen. I have used the least expensive with a lot to be desired, as well as the top of the line products with a hefty price tag. I look at the products in two catagories. One is the type that is a covering with a solid sheet that has a curved edge to draw the water down into a slot and into the gutter. These can come in one piece complete gutter systems or as an attachment that fastens to the gutter as an accessory. They can be very costly and may look nice but as for all gutter covers, they are not fool proof. Some times a cover or the slot where the water flows will hold onto the tree debris and limbs or twigs and things like pine needles and stop the water flow in a particular spot and diverts the water around the obstruction making it flow much faster pushing the torent over the curve missing the gutter. You have just eliminated your gutter. The other type is the screen or mesh that alows water to flow directly into the gutter while catching the debris. There may be debris that will get stuck to the screen such as twigs and stems from leaves or certain types of leaves, but the water can still flow into the gutter and the debris if not cleaned off will eventually blow off or decay. These screens I have used in the past are generally far less expensive and are easier to install. The home owner specials sold at the big box hardware stores are generally catering to homeowners who want a cheap system that will be easy to work with such as plastic and will easily come apart after a few years. The product that I now have and think it the best by far for the investment is called Green Gutter Screens. Over half the cost of a gutter cover system and one third the cost of a complete one piece system and quickly and easily installed. With a lifetime warranty they are durable and can come out easily  to do whatever cleaning over time that may occur, say for mud and silt and pop back in securely and stay secure with their patented design. You can check them out on there website but basically there products consist of a gray powder coated steel with aluminum mesh which stops everything but the smallest debris from entering your gutters (comes also in black on black) and the Tiny hole steel screen which is the least expensive and most popular. Both these styles have a wave in the body and what is called a Z bend to connect the back of the gutter when not able to slide under the roofing, such as tile roofs. This wave will help strengthen the screen but also affords the water to better flow into the holes and  when small amounts of debris collect the water can find its way through as the wave keeps things from covering up the uneven surface.  No gutter cover or screen is perfect as the outside obstructions widely vary. Green Gutter Screens just does a better job protecting your gutters from clogging, cost you far less, and look complimentary to your gutters and your home.