No Moss

Winter is a time to enjoy the serene and still moments when mother nature is keeping everything on hold for the soon awakening of spring and the bursting of buds and blooms after the long slumber. But now is the time to make the application of most preventative measures to head off the unwanted growth of many types of fungi and mold spores, grasses and mosses. The thing about moss is that it tends to grow in shady areas. On the roof it will generally stay on the north side of the roof. We have cleaned moss with the stiff sweeping by broom but this is only a temporary measure. The way we found most effective and cost effective is using a product called Z-Stop. .  This is a 2 1/2 inch wide strip 50 ft long that will be best attached to the roof right below the ridge shingles. They supply the nails for wood and composition roofs but you would need to use tile caulking on concrete tile. It would serve a flat tile roof because the rain water will wash down the zinc that leaches out of the strip and runs down over the roof. This inhibits the growth of algea, mildew, fungus and moss which is a type of fungus, and thus will make your roof last longer than otherwise.