Roof Coatings and Repair Work

The fact that some roofs are getting into disrepair is a concern for many folks who are not looking forward to this winter and the rains that will soon be upon us. This is the case with many commercial and office buildings and many other industrial complexes where re-roofing right at this point is not an option. A good solution and a way to not throw good money after bad, which would be to throw money into repairing a roof that is completely contrary to what future roof replacement would involve, is to do what's necessary in the areas that are a problem and wait to do the rest later. Such a product is roof coatings. There are quite a number of products available, but the real commercial grade products contain elastomeric properties and are warrantied by the manufacturer. These warranties range from 5 to 10 years and beyond. In one case I am looking at doing work on a church office building which has currently two areas leaking, and they are around two drains. They asked me to give them an estimate on doing the whole office biulding but when the price was out of their budget limit they were a little concerned as what to do. I recommended that we do the areas that were leaking currently and retro fit two new drains and that would be about one quarter the cost. Then for the rest of the roof they will be able to better save for and the roof will be completed without a problem as to tieing it all together. A ten year warranty will be in place if we just put on another coat on the prior work as everything was prepped and good for the new warranty. If nothing else was done for the next nine years and eleven months the same warranty would apply. This type of roofing has great benifits as well on reflectivity and saves on cooling costs significantly.