Squirrels and the Damage They Cause

 It may be well known that squirrels are a playful and cute animal that we all have at some point been entertained by or at least caught off guard by their scampering about and darting in and out of traffic or just out in the yard or park. I didn't really think of them in a distructive way, just the normal cute and fuzzy kind of fun loving way. Well how different I now see them and what a eye opener I've experienced is what I would like to alert you to for the sake of your property and sanity. My phone rang one afternoon and there was a woman who could hardly talk fast enough and it was because she was in a panic and had been looking for someone to come out and help her figure out what she could do to stop the squirrels from attacking her roof to the point of ripping off the ridge cap and shingles on her wood shingle roof. This house was in the middle of Los Logos in Granite Bay, CA and had a steep pitched roof on a beautiful huge house. After I arrived she told me that the squirrels had torn up several areas of roofing and that they were doing it to where she had tried to trap them, scare them with electronic devices with sound to drive them away, repellant that was spread around, and now she had hired someone to shoot them. That was the only thing that was left to do and that would not keep them from coming back if others were to take the dead ones places. I told her the price to fix the roof and she said she needed to get the house and yard squirrel proofed before she would do anything. She mentioned that she would possibly have the yard and house wired up for an electrical barrier to keep them away but wasn't sure when that would take place. This poor woman would be spending about two to three thousand with me and another who knows what on the electrical barrier. These critters are very smart and adaptable to there envirement and can virtually take over their territory with a vengance. The house that was yours is their playground. Trapping them and releasing them in a park or other rural area will only keep them from ever being trapped again. Oh the squirrels were also going into the attic and this made it even harder to get rid of them and prevent their return. They can chew or claw their way through screens and metal flashing like lead in no time. I haven't heard back from the woman but if she has made any strides in preventing the squirrels from returning then that's great. But if not then what's next? There is more to learn at this wbsite and others. http://www.bugclinic.com/Squirrels.htm