Value the roof!


 Since 1972 my working in the roofing industry has proved to be a process of not only learning what the practical applications of a proper roof would result in but also how the opposite holds true. We find that a job that lacks the experienced application probably will inevitably cause further failure and ongoing repairs that are in most cases more expensive than the original so called savings.  More than likely you have experienced this in a variety of examples, but in the case of a roof job you are then left with a water leak instead of a toy that broke or a TV that was a lemon. And these things cost a great deal less to fix or replace. Why do we think we can think in the same manner that a roof is just fine if it is cheap and then take that same risk that it won't break? We feel that the greater the risk the greater the cost and therefore the savings can only become a gamble with your families most meaningful and in most cases most valuable asset. After being in business for the past 30 plus years, we strive to do the best work possible with guaranteed quality products to meet the needs of our customers.